Aspiring to provide you with an exceptional standard of on ice & online coaching for all ages & abilities.


Aspiring to provide you with an exceptional standard of on ice & online coaching for all ages & abilities.


Aspiring to provide you with an exceptional standard of on ice & online coaching for all ages & abilities.


Learn to Skate

Ice skating is a fantastic form of exercise, both physically and mentally, but we understand that accessing formal on-ice lessons can be a challenge. Whether that’s because you don’t have an ice rink close by, or the coaching timetable at your local ice rink doesn’t fit in with your busy schedule, MP Training is here to help!

We will continuously work with you on your journey and aspire to provide you with an exceptional standing of skating. The fundamentals we will implement within you will provide a platform for a long career in any form of skating; whether it be figure skating, ice dance, synchronised ice skating or even ice hockey!

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Aspiring to provide you with an exceptional standard of on ice & online coaching for all ages & abilities.

About MP Training

MP Training was founded by Millie Paterson in 2016 when approached for a coaching position at Bradford Ice Area, one of the most established and acknowledged ice rinks in the UK.

With a competitive career in solo ice dance, Millie achieved British and Scottish gold medal titles at the age of just 12. Following that, Millie represented Great Britain for many years with ice dance partner Edward Carstairs, the highlight of her skating career.

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"After receiving high recommendation from others at Bradford ice rink, I decided to approach Millie to ask her if she could teach my 3 year old daughter to skate. I’m so glad I did. She has so much patience, is kind and meticulous with her training methods. After a few lessons with my daughter I decided to ask for help myself. Which she was happy to do and really helped me focus on what I needed to do to better my technique. I really couldn’t ask for a better tutor for my daughter to her to be a really superstar. Thank you Millie"

Ben DearloveFather to Delilah, age 3

"Emily has only recently started learning to skate with Millie. Emily is only 4 and already Millie has filled her with so much confidence on the ice, she has come on a long way in just a few lessons which is all credit to Millie, her teaching and her patience with her younger skaters. Emily has gone from being nervous before lessons, to being so excited and happy on the ice that she doesn’t want her session to end! Thanks to Millie’s patience in teaching her Emily is determined to be ‘just like coach Millie’ and become an Olympic skater! Millie is wonderful coach and this shows in her confidence she fills her students with as I’m sure Emily can’t be the only one that feels this way!"

Sophie TaylorMother to Emily, age 4

"In 2020 me and my daughter Alice decided to take up ice skating with SkateUK. As the lessons went by we both wanted to get more out of it so we looked for a coach. Watching Millie coach us all in the group sessions you could easily see how much she cares. When asking Alice which coach she would like to teach us with no hesitation she said Millie. Alice is now 10 and has 2 lessons a week which she absolutely loves. Millie is an amazing coach and person. Fantastic at breaking the moves down and explaining them not only to Alice but to her 51 year old father. Thank you Millie for being an inspiration to my wonderful daughter, she really does love being taught by you."

Russell GreenwoodFather to Alice, age 10

"Connie began her skating journey aged just 5 years old at Bradford ice rink, after taking interest when we went as a family to a Saturday afternoon public session. Connie met Millie when she began her skating journey in skate uk level one with her little penguin - from that point we just knew that Millie was the perfect coach for Connie and we have never looked back since. Millie is a very motivated coach on and off the ice. Being an excellent figure skater herself, Millie is dedicated to Connie and Connie blossomed at the sport, she thoroughly enjoys every second she spends with millie on the ice and Millie has become Connie’s idol. Ice skating is not just a beautiful sport but it has increased connie’s confidence in all aspects of her life including discipline, dedication and confidence. Connie now knows she has to work hard and Millie consistently helps her to achieve this. Our daughter has developed tremendous skating skills which have contributed towards her becoming an athlete. I would 100% recommend Millie as a coach, she is amazing."

Nicola ButterfieldMother to Connie, age 8

"My experience being an adult learning to ice skate has been a journey and a half. I honestly am so grateful for Millie who I can say with experience, has the patience of a saint. She is so encouraging and I wouldn’t have come this far without her support and confidence in me when I don’t always have it in myself. She is creative in her approach and adapt her teaching style to my learning needs which we have established changes on a regular basis. I am really excited to continue my skating journey, smashing new goals and overcoming barriers that I genuinely never thought possible. Thank you Millie."

Natasha AyrtonAdult beginner

"Millie has been training me for a few weeks now and she has been very patient each lesson as I develop my ice skating skills. She always encourages me to go further and each lesson I have become more confident. I’d definitely recommend reaching out to Millie if you are wanting to start training to continue to progress."

Lara BasicYoung adult beginner

"I began my figure skating journey with Millie (MP Training) in May 2021 - I’m 25 and thought I would never be able to learn how to skate. 7 months on, I’ve completed levels 1-8 of basic skills & working on bronze, silver & gold. Millie has shown nothing but dedication, patience & support and I cannot record her enough. My journey with MP Training has changed my life both mentally & physically. If anyone has been thinking about taking up figure skating but is unsure due to age/self doubt etc. Try it anyway, you will surprise yourself."

Abbey MestonYoung adult beginner

"Millie has been coaching both my daughters for a little over a year. Both were already at Skate UK Gold and since they have been skating with Millie their skating skills have improved immensely. Millie’s attention to detail ensures that they know how to hold themselves, ensure legs are extended correctly and toes are pointed while moving around the ice. Millie has that perfect mix between having the desire to succeed as a coach and being a mentor/friend too to get the best out of her skaters."

Katrina CliffeMother to competitive ice dancers Jaime & Stevie Cliffe

"I started skating as a New Years resolution to do something for me. After going through Skate UK in group sessions I realised how much I loved skating. It took me a long time to pass skate UK because my confidence lets me down so I decided on one to one coaching to take me on to the next stages. Millie has been fantastic, she has supported me every step of the way. When I try something new and super scary she has nothing but encouragement and patience. It’s all at my pace but with just enough pushing that I have achieved things I didn’t think I would ever be able to do. I look forward to my lessons every week as its still that bit of me time I was looking for, but not only that with Millie’s support I have gained confidence and skills I never thought were possible when I first started skating."

Helen WycheAdult skater

"I started my ice skating journey with Millie @ MP Training nearly a month ago now and the things I have learnt already is amazing. Millie is so patient and understanding and makes you feel at ease. Each lesson I’m gaining more and more confidence and it’s all down to Millie. Starting a new hobby at 25 can be scary but it’s exceeded all my expectations. I would recommend Millie and MP Training to anyone who wants to start a new hobby. Every lesson I learn so much, have a few falls, laugh a lot but I’ve already fallen in love with skating and can’t wait to continue with Millie."

Hayley MilnerYoung adult beginner

"Millie is a fantastic coach, who I have been working with since 2016. She is great at explaining elements to ensure you understand and can complete correctly before moving on to something else. If I struggle to understand she will think of another way to explain it and her hands on coaching style means that Millie demonstrates throughout so you have a visual of the new element too. We have a fantastic lesson structure and Millie always ensures that basics are covered each lesson to ensure the foundations of skating are in place before working on other skills. Even as an adult skater Millie takes my goals in to consideration and will work at your pace (but she is also great at gauging when you may need a little push of encouragement to reach your potential!) My overall skating has improved since having lessons with Millie, as basic’s is something I lacked. Thank you Millie for all your hard work making me the skater I am today. I look forward to this collaboration continuing for the forceable!"

Hannah LeeCompetitive ice dancer

"Millie Paterson has been my coach for 6 years she has taught me everything from basic edges to intricate pattern dances. She has encouraged me through Skate UK bronze all the way to my NISA level 6. Every lesson Millie is patient and drives me to be my best, even on my worst days my lessons are full of support and understanding. Millie always acknowledges what is best for the lesson and my wellbeing. Lesson plans often change to be most beneficial to means what I want to get out of my skating. It is clear that her skills in understanding the needs of specific pupils are what makes her such an excellent coach I was really able to see this quality whilst shadowing her lessons when completing my coaching hours. Another of Millies key qualities is her first-rate choreographing skills, she is extremely dedicated to perfecting every programme she creates not a movement is wasted and her love for the sport and dedication to her pupils shines through the dance. It is clear to see how much she cares about her pupils when she comes to a session having throughly thought through a routine in hours of her own free time the night before and nothing is more encouraging and motivated than this. I know I would not be anywhere near where I am now in my skating if millie were not my coach and I do not believe my own love for the sport would be as strong without her. I could not review Millies coaching high enough and I will never stop recommending her to any and all skaters. She is kind, understanding and a talented coach."

Gabrielle MorganCompetitive intermediate solo ice dancer

"I’ve been skating with Millie for just over a year (minus covid) when I started I was absolutely terrified… in that time thanks to Millie’s brilliant work I have become a more confident skater. She is very knowledgeable and always knows exactly what to correct to improve skills. She is incredibly patient, very professional and always gives her full attention. I have no doubt I would not be where I am today without her!"

Clair TivnanAdult beginner


MP Training is here to help with any questions you have or guidance you may require on any of our services.