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New York Rink

The Top Ice Rink Bucket List Locations

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Often, one of the main reasons adults decide to take up ice skating lessons is to fulfil an ambition of skating at an Instagram worthy outdoor ice rink, and with only mere months away until outdoor ice rinks begin to reopen, we wanted to share our roundup of recommended outdoor ice rinks that you should add to your bucket list!

If you don’t have an ice rink destination bucket list already, you will after this! From rooftop winter wonderlands to skating in a top location for a movie scene, we highlight the top ice rinks you must visit!

Wollman Rink, New York City

The Wollman Ice Rink, located in Central Park, is hands down one of the most picturesque and tourist-attracting ice rink locations. Since it was built in 1949, thousands of people from far and wide flock to the Wollman Central Park ice rink every year to pursue an unforgettable ice skating experience. Wollman Rink has also featured in a number of films including Delirious, My Sassy Girl and Serendipity.

Hotel de Ville, Paris

Paris is known as the city of love, romance and food, and this ice rink is no exception. Located in front of the Hotel de Ville, this ice rink is a must-visit on a glistening winter evening below the stars. Open to the public, everyone is welcome to enjoy a skate. 

Rockefeller Center, New York City

One of the most famous tourist attractions in New York, which also features in a scene in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, the Rockefeller Centre Ice Rink never fails to disappoint visitors. Aside from being a top spot for tourists, the Rockefeller Ice Rink is not only renowned for being a picturesque ice skating destination but also a popular place to get down on one knee! If skating under the Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree sounds like your dream come true, this ice rink is a must for the bucket list!

Vienna Ice Dream, Vienna

An illuminated extravaganza with a 9,500-metre square ice landscape located in front of the beautiful City Hall is Vienna’s Ice World. Home to one of the world’s biggest open-air artificial rinks in the world, Vienna Ice World Rink delivers a world-class experience. A perfect location for a winter vacation.

Somerset House Ice Rink, London

What’s a trip to London at Christmas without going ice skating? If you find yourself in London this winter, then the Somerset House Ice Rink is a must-visit. Delivering a fun skating experience for all abilities, the ice rink is accompanied by festive lights, a 40 foot Christmas tree and DJs. 

Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto

Illuminated at night for an unforgettable experience, you don’t want to miss out on this ice rink! Located in the Nathan Phillips Square in the centre of Toronto, this ice skating rink will indeed excel expectations for a memorable skate!

Kungstradgarden Ice Skating Rink, Stockholm

Since 1962 the KungsträdgårdenIce Rink, located in the centre of Stockholm, has been a top-rated attraction for residents and tourists. A perfect early evening experience for everyone to enjoy, the Kungsträdgården Ice Rink will be ideal for practising your skating skills whilst having an enjoyable and unforgettable experience!  

The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

Last but not least, did someone say rooftop ice rink? Las Vegas knows how to host an unforgettable ice rink experience during the holiday season. Named as one of USA Today’s 10 Best Ice Skating Rinks in North America, each year, The Cosmopolitan converts the rooftop boulevard pool into a winter wonderland where visitors can skate across 4,200 square feet of real ice whilst indulging in seasonal delicacies. 

Start your ice skating journey today with our expert online packages, available for beginners and higher levels. 


Benefits of Learning to Ice Skate

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Just like any sport, alongside the enjoyment of learning new skills and achieving new goals, there are so many more benefits developing that you may not even consider!

Ice skating, in particular, is a sport that brings with it lots of unexpected benefits. Whether it’s physical or mental health, or lifestyle benefits, you can count on picking up lots of these when learning to ice skate. 

Below, you will find the top ten benefits of learning to ice skate and why these can positively impact your life!

Cardiovascular Endurance

Aerobic exercise is essential to staying fit and healthy. Although, as a beginner, you may not have as much of a cardio workout as experienced skaters due to intensity levels, ice skating is nonetheless a fantastic way to move your body. With balance and muscle endurance, you will always get your heart pumping on the ice. 

Mental Health

Sporting activities are ideal for physical health and can also have an incredible impact on our psychological state.  Ice skating is a fantastic way to learn new skills and a fantastic choice of exercise, which in turn will contribute to an improved mental state. Ice skating can dramatically increase self-confidence when learning new complex techniques, become a healthy distraction from other things, help manage stress, and take you out of your comfort zone! 

Stress Relief

Any exercise will release endorphins, and nothing changes when it comes to ice skating. While you aren’t going on an intense run, don’t be fooled by how much ice skating can combat stress relief with the number of endorphins released during the exercise. An added benefit of ice skating over a gym-based workout is that it is practically impossible to skate around with your eyes glued to your mobile phone. As a result, your attention span will increase, your self-awareness and mindfulness will grow, and you’ll be able to appreciate your time and the people you encounter throughout the day.

Muscle Health

Alongside cardio benefits, ice skating also improves muscle health and endurance. Since ice skating targets most areas of your body, your muscles will naturally become more robust, especially your leg muscles and core. 

Improves Flexibility

The importance of flexibility will increase over time with ice skating, requiring more extreme flexibility to execute the positions effectively. Exercises that help stretch and lengthen your muscles can prevent other injuries and improve balance and posture. We recommend off ice flexibility and conditioning exercises alongside your on-ice training, and recommend Kelly Buddery, who trains out of Sheffield, but also offers online classes too.

Improved Balance 

One of the most crucial skills in ice skating is balance. When learning to ice skate, you will naturally improve your balance ability. Even gliding on the ice itself will require a level of balance, so after that, a substantial level of balance will be required for complex techniques. The importance of balance goes beyond the short term. Active individuals of all ages will benefit from increasing their balance. Through training balance, muscle group coordination will naturally improve alongside reaction time,  risk of injury, and your body’s ability to control itself during challenging tasks.

Weight Control

Learning to ice skate can be ideal for out a cardio workout and getting your heart pumping regardless of your ability. Any cardiovascular activity will contribute to burning calories, the golden element when managing your weight effectively. Ice skating can burn as many calories as going for a run when appropriately done; accept you’re probably having too much fun to realise how many you’re burning with ice skating. 


When it comes to ice skating, don’t expect to be achieving big improvements after your first couple of times on the ice. When learning anything for the first time, there will always be good days and bad days, and it can be mentally challenging to keep pushing on; this is when resilience will come into play. Ice skating is perfect for developing resilience as mastering moves can take hours and hours of practice. An added benefit of developing resilience on the ice is that this will naturally transfer into other areas of your life.

Social Opportunities

Learning to skate is a great way to meet people with mutual interests and similar goals as yourself. Being around people who positively impact your life will ultimately improve your mental health. Social benefits can also include developing life skills such as patience, cooperation, camaraderie, and respect – all of which come into play in the ice skating community!


Finally, you do have to be committed when learning to ice skate. Like all sports, It’s not easy, and you certainly won’t learn overnight. Time, practice, and perseverance are all qualities needed to stay committed to the process. Likewise, commitment is an essential life skill you will benefit from when learning to ice skate, and it is a skill you can take through to your everyday life in a positive way. 


Start your ice skating journey today with our expert online packages, available for beginners and higher levels.