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Ice skating is a fantastic form of exercise, both physically and mentally, but we understand that accessing formal on-ice lessons can be a challenge. Whether that’s because you don’t have an ice rink close by, or the timetable at your local ice rink doesn’t fit in with your busy schedule, MP Training are here to help!

We will continuously work with you on your journey and aspire to provide you with an exceptional standing of skating. The fundamentals we will implement within you will provide a platform for a long career in any form of skating; whether it be figure skating, ice dance, synchronised ice skating or even ice hockey!

Within the comprehensive, step by step instruction videos we will supply to you within the packages, you will achieve the equivalent of Skate UK level 1 through to level 8 and so much more on top of that, enabling you to go headfirst into Skate UK Star, filled with confidence!

You will also be offered weekly, fortnightly, or monthly feedback sessions via Zoom in which we will ensure all of the fundamentals are met and are correct before moving forwards to the next level.

If you’re ready to start learning how to ice skate with MP Training, view the packages below to get started!

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Learn To Skate - Package 1


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The ‘Learn To Skate’ package is the perfect way to start your ice skating journey.

In this package you will learn how to;

  • Move confidently across the ice forwards and backwards
  • Learn how to stop forwards and backwards, and
  • How to glide

Learn The Basics - Package 2


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Following on from package 1 the ‘Learn The Basics’ package will improve and build on your current ice skating skills set while teaching you completely new elements such as;

  • Forwards and backwards stroking
  • Forwards and backwards crossovers
  • Edgework, and
  • You will also be taught exactly how your blade works when you ice skate and discover which parts of your blade to use for different elements.

Learn The Skills - Package 3


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The final package ‘Learn The Skills’ is where your ice skating will flourish!

In this package, we will teach you elements such as;

  • Twizzles
  • Outside and inside turns
  • Russian stroking
  • Bunny-hops
  • Drags
  • Two and one-foot spins
  • Your first jump!

Feedback Session


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Purchase your 1:1 online feedback session to discuss your progress throughout levels 1-10.


MP Training is here to help with any questions you have or guidance you may require on any of our services.